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It is our true love for Indian food that spurs us to use the best range of Indian grown spices and condiments that give our dishes that very special taste and flavor.


XI Spices is a casual-dine Indian restaurant that draws inspiration from the lavish, elaborate, and authentic way of Indian dining served with the customary warm hospitality.  Our traditional ‘tandoor’ is the core of the restaurant which requires special skills to operate and provides you with that authentic aroma and taste.  Every dish on the menu is crafted to give you that genuine taste of Indian food cooked with the freshest of ingredients.

Turmeric – a fundamental ingredient of Indian cuisine, it has a vibrant colour and adds an earthy flavour profile to any dish

Cinnamon – grown in the south western region of India, it has a warm and sweet flavor.

Cardamom – a highly aromatic spice that adds a complex flavour profile that is used in both sweet desserts or in spicy dishes such as curries

Cumin (Jeera) – a popular ingredient of Indian cuisine with its warm, earthy flavor and aroma with a bit of both sweetness and bitterness

Saffron – a sweet and subtle flavour that makes it an excellent tool for the construction of any Indian dessert

Chili pepper – grown in the north east part of India, are used in many curried dishes to add heat to dishes

Cloves (Laung) – a very important part of garam masala used in Indian cooking and its anise notes are easily recognizable in many Indian curries

Fenugreek (Methi) – its seeds and leaves are common ingredients in dishes from India as it provides a sweetness and depth of flavor to saucy dishes

Asafoetida (Hing) – an extremely pungent spice used in an assortment of dals and curries

Coriander (Dhania) – a sweet and tangy taste that enhances the flavor of a dish extracted from Cilantro plant seeds

Nutmeg (Jaiphal) – Both the seed and the seed-covering are used in several Indian cuisines. Its strong taste and aroma make it a popular ingredient of Garam Masala, Indian desserts, and the Mughlai dishes

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About Us

We have grown-up in a culture of vibrancy in every aspect of life. Food has become an integral part of our up-bringing and every meal of the day is like a festive celebration in itself.  Drawing on this inspiration and the desire to share our fondness of Indian cuisines and to stir-up your taste in Indian spices and curries, we have conceptualized this casual-dining Indian Restaurant – XI Spices.

Our team is well-trained with a depth of knowledge in the diverse Indian culinary art.  To maintain the authentic Indian style of cooking and traditional recipes, some of the spices (khade masala) and other raw ingredients are sourced directly from India and are preserved here to use in our dishes.

We promise our guests a memorable and matchless experience for any occasion, be it for the everyday healthy lunch or the light evening snack or the special full course dinner.  From a light-hearted feel-good Indian experience to the full-blown hospitality served on the platter, we have it all for you!